No tech for the weekend?

Going an entire weekend without technology would be a positive experience. I think this would be a good thing for a lot of our youth and adults now a days. In today’s world our everyday lives are dictated by technology. We are woken up by our alarms everyday and then are on social media or texting or calling all day. I think if peopleImage result for woods had to put down their phones for a weekend they would go outside and forgot they ever had one. Go hike in yellow springs, it’s beautiful there. Go to Cincinnati and walk around downtown. Go in your backyard and play with a frisbee. I think that technology is a large benefit of our time. It has helped us advance in so many ways and made our world a better place that way. But I do believe that it has ruined us also. All you see nowadays are kids playing on ipads watching tv or playing video games. In my opinion they lose a piece of creativity because they don’t have to use their imaginations to think of things to do. To make up things and play our stories they you create. Here is a list of things you can do in Ohio when you have an unplanned weekend.


3 thoughts on “No tech for the weekend?

  1. It is hard to believe old guys like me survived with out technology. I can still remember the first computer class I took in HS in 1978! We learned simple programming in “basic” computer language. I also took several classes in college. We had to punch code onto cards, and then run the cards through a reader. Of course, each time there was a line to wait in because there were not enough machines for every one. It took forever!

    We also played outside every day in the summer. We hit, kicked, or threw some kind of ball almost every day. Mom came out on the front porch and yelled down the street when she wanted us at home!

    I am not locked into my technology and could probably go a weekend. It would be tough not checking Ebay to see if I sold something!

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